Passport Status

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  • Apply for Police Clearance Certificate
  • Payment sheet for various passport application
  • Apply for passport in tatkaal scheme
  • Apply for re-issue of passport
  • Paasport Act
  • Apply for online passport registration
  • Documents required for passport registration
  • Passport afffidavits

Check Your Passport Status Online

Passport Office:
File No:
Registration Year:
Date Of Birth:

User can check his/her own passport status by furnishing correct information in above fields. Followings are the steps to check your passport status:

  1. Select passport office where you applied for the passport from the Passport Office field.
  2. Enter your passport file number in file No. field.( File number must be 7 Digit and starting with Alphabet)
  3. Select year in which you applied for passport from Registration Year field.
  4. Select your Birth Date from Date of Birth field.
  5. Submit the above information by click on submit button to see your Passport Status.

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